Football Socks

Football Socks

Almost every football sock on the market today has a couple of basic common characteristics including the welt top to keep them up and spandex to keep the shape. There are many differences with each manufacturer. Here are some examples of the most popular socks on the market for todays players.

Professional Compression Football socks have an over the calf fit for superior performance. The compression fit is like a second skin that improves comfort and performance on the field.

Heat Gear Socks sound as if they would keep the feet warm for those games that have super cold and wet weather. Surprisingly they do exaclty the opposite. These are designed to keep the heat off the foot. These have a special moisture transport system which accelerates evaporation to keep the feet dry and cool in all conditions. This sock has built in vents a cushioned footbed for shock absorbtion, arch support to reduce foot fatigue and helps to increase blood circulation as well.

Run and Gun style have slip resistant technology which improves traction in the shoe. It also has odor control in the fabric that reduces the bacteria that causes the odor. They have extra cushion and arch support which helps protect your feet in your cleats. These come in calf and knee high styles.

Dri-fit: These unique football socks come like shoes, right foot and left foot. The reason for this is ultimate fit and comfort along with the technology that keeps your feet cool and dry. These are a knee high fit.

Basic Nylon Football socks are a very simple over the calf fit that reduces bulk and conforms easily to the foot.

Almost every manufacturer uses a combination of materials of primarily cotton and spandex.

There is a great amount of research and science involved in the product development of the socks that are designed just for foot ball players.
Some of the industry leaders are Nike, Adidas and Reebox.

The choice of sock varies to each individual preference. So how do players choose?

This is decided on pure individual taste. Some swear by pure cotton, some prefer synthetic and some like a combination of both.

To begin with size is very important. They cannot be to tight because this will restrict blood flow and affect movement. They cannot be to loose as this can cause sagging and bunching up which is uncomfortable.

Another key feature they look for is shaped heels and toes in the design. A lot of attention is also give to the seams in the sock itself. Raised rough or thick seams can cause discomfort and blisters.

Once the preffered sock is chosen the shoe size is determined after. If you have a very thick sock, the shoe size will have to be adjusted accordingly.

Colors are endless choices and team colors are required. The NFL for example have very strict uniform policies. Right down to the socks the players wear and how they wear them. They have a reputation and work hard to make sure all the players look the same in NFL team colors and accessories as well. Currently a player can be fined up to $5,000 for thier socks being too low. And the fine doubles if they are in violation a second time.

Socks are not something anyone really thinks about when they talk about football. I have a new appreciation for the socks that players wear. The choices and all the different factors that come into play when choosing the proper sock, the right size and one that truley fits each individuals needs and expectations.

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